Do you fancy a bike and barge tour in Holland or Belgium? Sarah offers you cycletours and cruising in Holland and Belgium. Discover cycling holidays combined with a stay on board of a luxuous ship. Sarah offers you unforgettable bike and barge tours. You may of course, also book a cruise.
One goes through a transformation as one sails, taking a relaxed round trip at a dreamy pace through the quiet rivers. Take a cycling and sailing holiday and discover by experience the wonders of two of Holland's oldest traditions.
Holland is a country with many rivers, canals and lakes. The waterways were of great importance for the development of the country and its inhabitants. There is a long history to be found in the cities and villages along the riverbanks.
During the Winter months, it's also possible to rent Sarah as a hotel. Although you won't be sailing during your stay, you will sleep on a very special location!
The Sarah is a professional, well equipped ship, suitable for many purposes: like sailing holidays in Holland and Belgium, parties, meetings as well as hotel accomodation. The crew will be more than happy to welcome on board and guarantee you a wonderful time.